Past Meeting Topics

January ’18 Meeting Analyzing Property For Profit

Analyzing Property For Profit with “Coach Chad” Chad Carson   ·         Running the numbers on the back of the envelope ·         Calculating investment value ·         Calculating Cash Flow ·         Flipping Calculations ·         Finding properties that meet your...

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November ’17 Meeting Resources for Major Renovations

Resources for Major Renovations Don't let a major renovation intimidate you! Learn from our pros this month about common upgrades & updates that occur during a major flip renovation and what's involved. Removing walls, cracked bricks and sagging floors doesn't mean...

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October ’17 Meeting Real Estate Investors Round Table Meeting 

October '17 Real Estate Investors Round Table Meeting  Learn from like minded investors like yourself!  This is an excellent meeting to network! We plan to set up round table areas and discuss the below listed topics: Meet the members- Find out who has been sitting...

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