Meeting Topic: Hurricane Florence: When Disaster Strikes!

Join us, Thursday, October 11, 2018 @ 6:15 PM, for a town hall meeting to discuss how to best respond to a crisis or catastrophe like Hurricane Florence. Learn what you need to do in a catastrophe and how to best leverage your resources to protect your properties and assist your tenants.

• What should you do before a storm?
• What should you do first?
• Who is responsible for trees, fences, damaged property damaged homes and residences?
• How does insurance work? Flood, Wind & Hail, Homeowners, Renters Insurance
• Do you need to wait for an adjuster to repair or remove damage?
• What happens with the rent? Who pays? Are there discounts or lease releases for tenants in these situations?
• What is and isn’t covered by insurance?
• How do insurance adjusters work?
• How does water damage get re-mediated? What is mold verses mildew or water stain
• What can we learn from this storm to be better prepared for the next catastrophe?

This is a great meeting to share your personal experiences and solutions while we are all working to recover from this storm.

All are encouraged to come learn and share at this timely meeting

Bring your questions & join us for an educational and entertaining evening;
(Pizza & drinks served so come early and network with other successful investors)