May 2019 Meeting Topics:


Topic 1 – Is Air BNB For Me?

Topic 2 – How To Keep Appraisals From Killing Your Deals () In A Rising Market


Air BNB – Local investor David Billi to will share his experiences in the Air BNB market in Wilmington & other markets

  •        What is an Air BNB rental?
  •        How do they work?
  •        Do you sign a lease?
  •        What is they don’t leave or they steal my stuff?
  •        What are the local rules and ordinances?  How do I find the information?
  •        What are the pro’s & con’s to renting this way?
  •        What do I need to do to get started?
  •        Are there property management companies handle these types of rentals for me
  •        How do you rent places like this?
  •        How profitable is it?
  •        Do I need special insurance or a permit? 

Appraisals – Howell Graham a Partner, Joseph A. Robb and Associates will present and answer questions on the following:

  •        How do appraisers determine appraised value
  •        What methods do appraisers use?
  •        Do appraisers use non-MLS comps?
  •        If appraisers can only use previous sales how do prices go up in a rising market?
  •        What do I do if I sell my house higher than the most recent comps?
  •        Can I choose the appraiser for my property?
  •        How do I know if the appraiser is experienced in my area?
  •        What kind of commutations is an appraiser allowed to have with me?
  •        What are my rights or what can I do if I believe the appraiser got it wrong?
  •        How should can I set expectations with buyers and buyers agents in case of a low appraisal?