Meeting Topic: March 2019 – Taxes & Insurance – The Good, The Bad & The Under Insured

How Do The New Tax Law Changes Affect You And Your Investments?

McIntyre Paradis Wood & Co. CPA’s PLLC will present and answer questions on the following:
• What changed for the better or worse?
• What should we do differently when doing tax planning?
• What is recapture, how does it work, how can I minimize recapture?
• Depreciation info. What is it? How many years? What do I need to know?
• Repair write offs or other real estate expenses or write offs
• Anything we should know about tax credits, estate taxes & gifts
• Medical deductions or insurance
• Best practices in record keeping for investors
• Best advice to investors or tax payers to minimize bills
• What are you concerned about where there is limited guidance from the IRS
• Audits and other IRS issues we should know about or be prepared for
• Deductions that are often ignored or missed, Stupid mistakes…..
• Is LLC, corporation or individual best? Under what circumstances?
• Home office deductions.. When do they apply?

How To Purchase The Right Insurance At The Right Price. Everything A Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Insurance

Wells Insurance will present information to answer all your questions on the following:

• What are the different types of insurance policies we should consider?
• What are the differences in the items different types of policies cover?
• How much can a higher deductible lower cost?
• What are some ways we could lower costs?
• How do you insure vacant property or property being renovated?
• Should people outside of flood zones consider flood insurance?
• What were your experiences with different insurance companies during the storm?
• What actions should we take to be prepared for a storm or other type of disaster?
• Who should we have on speed dial to help us during a disaster?
• What steps should we take and how should we best document a disaster?
• What if our contractors are not insured? Are we liable?
• How can we get insurance with the lowest replacement cost on the policy resulting in lower insurance premiums?
• Any tricks of the trade or ideas to get our overall insurance costs down and have good coverage