Meeting Topic: It’s The Law! When Investing In Real Estate Ignorance Is No Excuse For Breaking The Law!  Join Us To Learn Common Real Estate Laws In Place About Foreclosures, Evictions, Options, Leases & More!

Cliff McDonald of the MacDonald Law Firm will talk about the do’s, the don’ts and the legal obligations & liabilities of a real estate investor.  He will explain common real estate law that all investors should know about when investing in real estate.  He will also share some real life cases that he has seen pop up in his career and how these types of cases can be avoided.  
Afterward he will be open to answering your real estate questions. Who doesn’t want a little free legal advise? We will discuss:

  • What is the foreclosure process and what do I need to know before bidding on a foreclosure?
  • Who liens, taxes, recording fees or other costs are paid by the buyer of a foreclosure?
  • If a foreclosure is occupied who gets the occupants out? What is the process?
  • Important considerations for landlords & tenants when entering into a lease
  • Laws governing written and oral leases
  • Legal grounds or reasons for eviction & the eviction process
  • Handling security deposits, best practices
  • What happens if a tenant or landlord wants to break a lease?
  • What am I most likely to get sued for?  Best practices to avoid being sued?
  • LLC vs. Holding property in my name, what should I do?
  • What are the sellers & buyers rights when a property is owner financed?
  • What is an option agreement or right of first refusal?
  • What is required for an option agreement to be legal in NC?
  • Why is it critical to consult and involve an attorney when performing a lease purchase or right of first refusal?