Join Coastal Carolina REIA Today!

The Coastal Carolina Real Estate Investors Association is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals interested in real estate investing. Simply put, we’re here to learn from each other and work together, not to sell or promote anything. We’re not an “investment club”, we’re an association that promotes practical knowledge of  real estate investing through educational opportunities and networking.

Membership meetings are held monthly and feature an educational speaker, along with investor marketing opportunities, vendor vignettes and the chance to exchange ideas and information with like minded individuals. As a CCREIA member you’ll enjoy access to:

  • Admission to Monthly Meetings (+ Free Pizza & Drinks…Sometimes Cookies!)
  • Members Only Forum &  Private Facebook Group – Share wholesale/wholetail deals, swap ideas & referrals with other CCREIA members; access FB live videos of past meetings in case you missed a month here or there
  • Members Only Newsletter – In between monthly meetings you’ll receive flash emails when a CCREIA member supplies the group with  investor and/or partnering opportunities & wholesale deals
  • HUGE Network of experienced real estate investors who’s specialities range from buy & hold/landlording to fix n’ flips and everything in between. 

To become a member, join below. Or attend any monthly meeting for $15 and if you decide to join at that meeting, you’ll be credited that $15 towards your $100 annual membership.

Use our Wild Apricot Account to join Coastal REIA and enjoy.