Coastal Carolina REIA

Who We Are, What We Do

Coastal Carolina Real Estate Investors Association

The Coastal Carolina Real Estate Investors Association is a networking and education group that provides a venue for like-minded people  interested in real estate investment. Started in January 2002, the group has been helping local investors launch full- and part-time investing careers through solid educational opportunities and a strong network of active local investors. CCREIA is a member of National Real Estate Investors Association.

Who Joins the Coastal Carolina REIA?

Our membership comprises local full-time and part-time investors involved in many aspects of real estate; from landlording and flipping single family properties, to commercial real estate. You’ll find our members professionally involved in real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, the construction trades, home inspections, appraisals, and any number of other real estate and non-real estate related professions. We welcome and encourage newcomers.

Our Board of Directors – Coastal REIA

Michael Otelsberg – Advertising/Promotion

Chris VanEtten – Education/Programming

Rebecca Mickler – Membership/Website & Social Media

Linda Whatley – Treasurer


Steve Garner – Education/Programming

Charlie Connor – Education/Programming


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If you are interested in learning more about Coastal REIA, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our board.